Use the questions on this page to compare your potential contractors with Jeff Alte Roofing, Inc. You will find that we offer competitive estimates and deliver high quality workmanship performed by well trained and seasoned professionals.
Jeff Alte Roofing, Inc.Other
1) Is the contractor a full-time professional in the field, specializing in roofing, and not a general home improvement handyman? Yes
2) Does the contractor have full-time employees?Yes
3) Do they offer a personal 25-year guarantee?Yes
4) Do they provide a free roof inspection every 5 years?Yes
5) Does the company provide warranty information cards?Yes
6) Are they an approved manufacturer's contractor? Yes
7) Does the company provide detailed written estimates?Yes
8) Are they completely insured as a roofing contractor, not home improvement, and are able to provide certificates of insurance?Yes
9) Does the company recommend proper roof ventilation, as not to void warranties? Yes
10) Do they have a DEP permit allowing them to dispose of debris legally?Yes
11) Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Yes
12) Have you seen their work in your area?Yes
13) Did you get a reference list?Yes
14) Has the present owner been in the business for over 47 years?Yes
Total number of yeses:14
Cost of job from Jeff Alte Roofing, Inc: 
Cost of job from other contractor

Divided by 30 (average year roof life)per year difference