Gutters andLeaders

We offer a yearly gutter cleaning and roof maintenance package. An experienced roofer will clean out, renail, and reattach as needed all leaders and gutters. We will install "baskets" in each drain. On the first visit we will give you a written estimate of any other repairs needed. On future visits, we will check and do minor repairs to all vent pipes, walls, and chimney flashings, also checking over the entire roof itself. Please call 908-526-2111 for more info.

Gutters that are damaged, sagging, have missing parts or are improperly installed, are likely to cause exterior damage to your home.

A gutter that is missing, or drains too close to the house, will saturate the ground and can produce a variety of problems. A wet saturated ground near your home can be easily and affordably prevented with a quality gutter system. However, left unchecked it can:

  • Create a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Eat away at foundations, landscaping, and basement walls.
  • Develop leaks and cracks that will worsen in the winter months when the ground freezes and expands.
  • Cause driveways and walkways to sink and rise, interior and exterior walls and floors to warp, bow, or become wet, molded, or stained.

If water overflows:

  • Over the back of a clogged gutter, damage to exterior and interior walls can occur and dampness can result. The gutter should be checked for debris and blockages on a yearly basis.
  • Over the front of a clogged gutter, the overflow can create damage to landscaping, sidewalks, or foundations. If this continues to happen you should look into a yearly gutter and roof maintenance package from Jeff Alte Roofing, Inc.
  • If joints are leaking, the rubber seals inside the joint will probably need replacing, depending on the age of the gutter. Full replacement may be a better solution. Call for more information.

We offer a full line of gutter and leader products for all of your commercial and industrial needs and for all shapes and sizes.

  • copper seamless gutters
  • ½ round aluminum and copper gutters
  • 5,6, and 7-inch K style gutters
  • custom box gutters
  • a full line of screening and guards

Contact Jeff Alte Roofing, Inc. to receive a professional estimate, to schedule a repair appointment, or to request more information on any of our residential or commercial gutter services.