Fall Roof MaintenanceProgram

An experienced roofer will clean out, re-nail, re-attach as needed all leaders and gutters. We will install baskets as needed in gutters at $20.00 each which is an additional charge. the first time we come out we will give you a written estimate of any other repairs needed. After that, in future visits, we will check and do minor repairs if needed on all vent pipes, walls, and chimney flashing and check over entire roof, skylights and antenna brackets.

If any major work is needed you will be sent a written estimate.

Gutter cleaning is done around Thanksgiving time when MOST of the leaves are down (many trees don't drop their leaves until Jan. - Feb.) and before gutters start to freeze up. We only come out one time in the fall. If you feel you want to wait until the last leaf is off the trees, this program is not for you. We do not make an appointment and no one has to be home. You will be sent a bill after the work is done.

Normally, the first time we're out the cost is a little higher due to extra gutter repairs which are needed. The Following year the cost may be lower depending on size of the house.

Each upcoming year you will be sent a postcard to remind you we are coming. If there are minor repairs needed, let us know so we can do them at the same time at no charge. the price is based on one visit per year and our contract can be cancelled with 30 days notice. You cannot cancel when we show up or there will be a charge.

This is not a handyman doing this work. There will be an experienced roofer that is fully insured up on the roof.

If there are any questions on our program, please give us a call at (908) 526-2111